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Until December 15th 2018
Kraemer Gallery | Paris

by Rory O'Keeffe

Kraemer Gallery in Paris has become the latest historic institution to be overtaken by street artists. Since 1875, the dealer’s grand and austere mansion at 43 Rue de Monceau has exhibited beautiful and ornate 18th century furniture and art objects. But this month the Parisian building has been ‘visited’ by a mysterious group of artists.

From Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm at 43 rue de Monceau until 15 December 2018, visitors can explore this unique setting to discover the modern artworks lurking within.

The list of names is impressive: Space Invader, Futura, Retna, André, Zevs, Vhils, and Banksy, who continues to make headlines after his London stunt at Sotheby’s last month. All over the mansion art pieces have been left by these artists, shaking up the usually calm and cozy 18th century style exhibition rooms. The works are impressive, some through their size and some through their style. There is a Louis XIV bronze mask liquidated by Zevs and a ceramic wall entirely painted by André. Highly expensive Futura, Banksy and Retna’s paintings contrast with the geometric simplicity of historical Space Invaders pieces. Shephard Fairey’s collages echo with the etched portraits by Vhils and André’s ceramic works bring a pop revival to the ensemble.

Space Invader Urban Revolution Kraemer Gallery Drago Publisher
Space Invaders | Kraemer Gallery

The exhibition also includes the Middle East Mural by Shepard Fairey, better known as OBEY, whose book with Drago was so popular it has already sold out. OBEY has made some of the most significant contributions from the world of visual art to the world of contemporary politics, most notably during Obama’s 2008 election campaign. His Middle East Mural of 2009 is here given new significance by changing location, proving that context is everything.

Just like other street art events in historic buildings, for example the Fendi collaboration in Rome, this exhibition shows a unique and successful dialogue between urban and classical art.

Kraemer Gallery, Paris


Kraemer Gallery | 43 rue de Monceau, Paris
Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm
Until December 15th 2018

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