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Joshua Liner Gallery | New York City

From the 6th of September to the 15th of October 2018

Artists are often said to be at the forefront of cultural convergences. The new show of Argentina-born Felipe Pantone, Transformable Systems, opening at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York on September 6th, 2018, explores the interaction between technology and art in the digital era, its transience and our understanding of visual information under such conditions.

With their cutting-edge aesthetics, Pantone’s abstract compositions incorporate enlarged pixels, bright gradients, optical patterns such as grids, and QR codes. While employing the very grammar of digital imagery, he manages to create unique artworks that are nevertheless made through mechanical intervention, thus highlighting the human aspects behind these seemingly cold creations. The exhibit includes both new and ongoing series, such as Chromadynamica, Subtractive Variability, and Optichromie.

Pantone draws on Kinetic art and Optical art as means to investigate the visual experience that permeates television and the internet nowadays, comprised of psychedelic colors and high speed, all wrapped into impermanence and over-exposure. Technology’s pervasive nature is however rendered accessible and engaging thanks to Pantone’s manipulations.

His art, while futuristic on the surface, is deeply and intrinsically rooted in the present and in the way we produce, consume and conceive of technology in the digital era. Pantone seems to render technology’s disruptiveness by translating it into tridimensional pieces that represent the visual equivalent to information and communication.

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