Pre-orders available from the 22nd of September

The equinoxes represent the beginning of spring and autumn; historically people from all over the world have always held festivals and celebrations on these special days. In our day-to-day life, we’ve lost touch with nature and the cosmos, as well as contact with each other. Faith XLVII’s work aims to ultimately be a bridge between us and our environment, something that reminds us of our own place in the big scheme of nature. Ex Animo, which means “from the heart”, is Faith’s latest book and her hope in a new season of respect and love among people.

Ex Animo Faith Forty Seven 47 XLVII Street Art Book cover Drago Publisher

At midnight on the 22nd of September, Drago will launch the pre-orders for Ex Animo. Pre-orders for Faith’s Limited Edition Boxset will be available on the same day, and will include the book Ex Animo and an original print: Three Methods For Dealing with Chaos, 50×50 cm, signed and numbered by Faith XLVII, edition of 100.



4 thoughts on “THE EQUINOX || FAITH XLVII

  1. India says:

    Please can you send information on Faith47’s book. Looking for a price!!! Many thanks!

    1. Drago staff says:

      You can find the Limited Edition here —–
      And the book Ex Animo here —–

  2. Alvin cheng says:

    I want to order one. how much?

    1. Drago staff says:

      The book Ex Animo is 40 € on pre-oreder.
      Faith XLVII’s Limited edition is 180 € on pre-order.

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