Standard shipping
All book orders to addresses within Italy will be shipped for 6-12 euros. All book orders to addresses within Europe will be shipped for 6-15 euros. All book orders to addresses within US and Canada will be shipped for 15 euros. All book orders to addresses within other countries will be shipped for 12-25 euros. There is no minimum order amount. Any exceptions are labelled accordingly. Available items will be charged and dispatched immediately and delivered within 4 business days. Backorders will be charged and dispatched as soon as they become available. You will receive tracking information by email when your order has been shipped. Please note that P.O. Box addresses are not accepted.

Express shipping
Limited Editions are automatically shipped via expedited service at no extra charge, unless otherwise stated. Orders for in stock items are usually processed at the same or next day to be picked up by parcel services. Orders to Italian addresses usually arrive within 2-4 working days. Deliveries to EU Countries usually arrive within 3-6 working days. Deliveries to US, Canada, Switzerland and Norway might take 2-3 additional days for customs clearance.

All list prices are inclusive of sales tax unless otherwise stated. Please note that national taxes may have to be paid on imports for deliveries outside the EU. We accept payments by credit card (AMEX, Master, Visa), Paypal, and bank transfer.

Returns policy
If the content of your order is incorrect or damaged, you are eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, including any original shipping costs. In the case of a return made for reasons other than a damaged or incorrect delivery, the purchaser bears only the total shipping costs but gets a full refund of the purchase price. To receive a refund, please return your item/s to us within 14 days of the delivery date and in the same condition you received it. If you wish to return an item or have any other questions regarding your order, please contact:

Tel.: +39 06 4543 9018
Mo. – Fr. 9 am to 5 pm