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The Evolution of Swoon: from Street Art Pioneer to Global Icon

Swoon - Anahata Queen

Caledonia Curry, known to the world as the iconic Swoon, has emerged as a trailblazing force in the male-dominated realm of street art. Her artistic journey not only defies gender boundaries but transcends them, carving a unique path that has captured global acclaim. Swoon’s artistic genius knows no bounds, and her work has become a powerful exploration of the intricate dance between humanity and nature, unravelling the depths of the human psyche.
Currently, Swoon’s art is igniting admiration worldwide. Her portfolio comprises intimate portraits, immersive installations, and grand public projects, each a testament to her unrelenting pursuit of equilibrium between human existence and the natural world.
At this very moment, Swoon’s talent is on full display in two solo exhibitions that highlight her evolution as a public artist and her unmistakable feminine perspective. “The Gift in the Rupture” at the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum and another exhibit at the Taubman Museum of Art underscore the profound impact of her work.
In addition to her solo showcases, Swoon has also contributed her artistry to two group exhibitions, one in Washington and another in Sweden, further solidifying her global footprint.
From September 30, 2023, to March 10, 2024, the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington opens its doors to “Positive Fragmentation.” This remarkable exhibition features the works of over 200 contemporary female artists who employ the strategy of fragmentation, dismantling and reassembling ideas and objects as a central aspect of their artistic process.
Mark your calendars for November 4, 2023, as the Taubman Museum of Art in Virginia, USA, hosts a retrospective exhibition of Swoon’s journey. It’s a compelling narrative that traces her evolution from a street artist over two decades to her most recent role as a director. Swoon is branching into the world of cinematic animation, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling with the support of the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program. The exhibition will prominently feature one of her recent film projects, a tantalizing taste of her cinematic vision.
Meanwhile, in Arizona, USA, the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum unveils “Swoon: A Gift in the Rupture” as part of a larger series of concurrent exhibitions, aptly named “Just Cause: The Power of Contemporary Art in Social Engagement.” Curated by Tiffany Fairall, this exhibition unites artists with a shared purpose. Swoon’s contribution to this exhibition reflects her remarkable ability to harness inner strength and transform pain into beauty. Through her art, she reimagines mythological and everyday human archetypes, urging us to find inspiration in our own lives, to be better, healthier, and more compassionate. It’s worth noting that the exhibition faced initial cancellation due to censorship by the city of Mesa, but was reinstated after artists were re-invited, and the original works were reinstated in their entirety.
Across the Atlantic in Sweden, the Skissernass Museum has proudly added two new works by Swoon to its permanent collection. These pieces take centre stage in a significant public art exhibition which started on October 12, 2023.
Swoon’s ventures include an editorial collaboration with DRAGO, resulting in her monograph titled “The Red Skein.” In her words, “I spent the extended months of lockdown revisiting the last 10-15 years of my work and consolidating the elements for this monograph.” The book delves into the complexities of her creative journey and features insightful essays by luminaries such as Jeffrey Deitch, Melena Ryzik, Pedro Alonzo, and RJ Rushmore, as well as contributions from her collaborators in Haiti, Robinson Michelot, and Michael Joyceline Aristil. It also boasts interventions by the likes of Hans Ulrich Obrist, Judy Chicago, Gabor Mate, and Jerry Saltz. The striking photographs that grace the pages are the work of Tod Seelie, Luna Park, Halopig, Sal Rodriguez, and Jake Dobkin, authors who’ve played an integral role in narrating her remarkable story. The “The Red Skein,” crafted by DRAGO, is a labor of love and resilience, an ode to the history and creative evolution, the challenging journeys, and complex collaborations that Swoon proudly shares.
The cover of “The Red Skein” showcases “Anahata Queen,” a symbol of resilience deeply connected to nature, proud of her multifaceted self, and free to express herself in all her complexity. It’s more than just a book cover; it’s a limited edition print that encapsulates Swoon’s message and style, making it a cherished piece of art in itself.

Swoon the Unstuck

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