Sten Lex, Street Art, Stencil, Shanghai
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Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, China

From October the 31st, 2020 to January the 3rd, 2021

This new exhibition at Danysz Gallery – Shanghai will present the multifaceted artistic vision of renowned Italian artist duo Sten Lex. The works of Sten Lex can take the form of photorealistic portraits or purely abstract compositions, but regardless of this variety one can always tell a Sten Lex.

Sten Lex, Street Art, Stencil, Shanghai
Sten Lex, Street Art, Stencil, Shanghai

The Italian duo has developed an unfettered style that can accommodate different genres, borrowing elements from street art, printing and engraving techniques, Op-art and abstract expressionism. The technique however remains unchanged. Sten Lex uses paper stencils that are glued to a board then sliced open to reveal the painted motif, with shreds of paper left hanging like peeling skin. A technique which the two artists invented and have matured over the years since their debuts in the early 2000s, presenting their works in outdoor and indoor settings around the world.

Sten Lex, Shreds of Time presents to the public a contemplative exhibition, where the eye and the mind are equally challenged. A moment of irresolution and discovery to end 2020, not unlike what this finishing year might have been for most of us: a point in time falling between the cracks.

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