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Palazzo Velli | Rome, Italy

28 September - 5 October 2019

The exhibition STARS from Street Art to Space Art, curated by Simona Capodimonti and organized by Stefano Aufieri and Palazzo Velli Expo, will take place from the 28th September to the 5th October 2019 at Palazzo Velli, in 10 San Egidio Square, in the heart of Trastevere in Rome. Famous street artists will exhibit artworks inspired by space themes alongside indoor artists. The excuse is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, an exceptional achievement that took place on the 20th July 1969, which the whole world followed on television, and that we now celebrate in 2019.

Napal, Race To Space, Street Art Exhibition, Palazzo Velli, Rome, 2019
Napal | Race To Space

STARS wants to explore complex scientific themes through the direct language of Street art, an art form loved by a growing number of fanatics. The exhibition tells the tale of the relationship of HUMANKIND with the UNIVERSE and the questions it asks on the Cosmos. Scientists and artists are able to see things and to create “worlds” before others do and in doing so they positively contribute to the evolution of humankind.

Stefano Bolacano, Big Bang, Street Art Exhibition, Palazzo Velli, Rome 2019
Stefano Bolcano | Big bang

Stars in the sky are also the Street Art STARS taking part in the exhibition. A significant presence of the Roman scene and from the rest of Italy to represent in one of the most innovative and stimulating environments of contemporary art in the last decades. An “indoor” exhibition with artists who prefer to express themselves outside is a good way to find out about their style and then admire their artwork “outdoors”. To name a few: Beetroot, Cancelletto, Diavù, Lucamaleonte, Omino71, Maupal, Moby Dick, Napal Naps, Neve, Mr. Klevra, Mauro Sgarbi, Solo, Stefano Bolcato.

Onimo 71, La Luna Al Pop, Street Art Exhibition, Palazzo Velli, Rome, 2019
Omino71 | La Luna Al Pop

Each of them has interpreted the concept of SPACE according to their own creativity, in a poetic manner or in a broad sense, like mental space, often in a dreamy or edgy tone that is typical of the “underground” urban art environment and that prompts reflection on environmental, social and humanitarian themes.

In a way Street art has already reached Space. The artist Invader sent a small piece of his mosaic on the International Space Station in 2015. So in the matter of a space launch, we moved from Street Art to Space Art and who knows how many potential alien presences, alongside the human ones, have intercepted it and therefore admired it in Space.

Lucamaleonte, Ego, Street Art Exhibition, Palazzo Velli, Rome, 2019
Lucamaleonte | Ego

Numerous artists were fascinated by the theme and have adhered to the collective, showcasing the variety of styles, techniques and personalities that we have today in urban art: Alessandra Carloni, Adriana Lucis, Breezy g, Chew-z, Collettivo 900 with Leonardo Crudi 900 and Elia 900, Bankeri, Emme xyz, Giusy, Gojo, Hoek, Hos, Ivan Fornari, Krayon, Lac68, Luca Bellomo, Manuela Merlo Uman, Olives, Pino Volpino, Piskv, Rachele del Nevo, Studio Sotterraneo with Carlos Atoche, Luis Alzarez, Luis Cutrone, Antonio Russo, Zoan, Teddy Killer, Tina Lo Iodice, Violetta Carpino, Zeitwille. From central Italy, Emilia Romagna: About Ponny, Alessio Bolognesi, Bibbito, Psiko, Tuscany: Ache77, Blub, Exit Enter, Gabriele Romei aka RMOGRL8120, Collettivo C&C with Giada, Incursioni decorative, Otti. From Southern Italy: Ironmould and pHOBOs, Sicily: Acnaz, Antonio Curcio, Demetrio di Grado. From writing and graffiti: Bol Pietro Maiozzi, Er Pinto, Orghone, Mr Vela, Starz, Warios, Yest. From the tattoo industry: Roberto Dramis aka Enigmaregis. New recruits: Aurum, Afra17, Atyom, Glasswall, Giulia Zoo, Lola Poleggi, Mike Bravo, Mister Fred, Sony, Voice.

An interesting section is reserved to those who usually express themselves through poster and sticker art in spontaneous installations such as the ones showcased by Alessia Babrow, Pino Boresta, Ex Voto, Kocore, Koi, k2m, Lus57, Stencilnoire, Mr. Molecola Blu, Qwerty, Stelleconfuse, Tracy M., Winstons Smith VII, Jah, Zeta and Za To. It is possible to enjoy a free and innovative creativity is both the exhibition and in the streets.

Cancelletto, Amore d'altro tempo, Street Art Exhibition, Palazzo Velli, Rome, 2019
Cancelletto | Amore D'Altro Tempo

Paying homage to the moon and space you will also find: the refined women of Marco Rea, the miniatures by Justin Bradshaw, the Fiat 500 designer cars by Monica Casali, the photos by Gaia Villani, the sculptures by Jacopo Mandich, Andrea Gandini and Sandra Fiorentini, the 3D prints by Luciano Fabale, the aliens by Eros Renzetti, the boxers by Paolo Bielli, the compositions of matter by Matteo Peretti, the paper mash creations by Marta Cavicchioni, the inventions by Lorenzo Dispensa, the White Lunar installation and performance by Monica Pirone MK, the artistic and theatrical play Tracce lunari (Lunar Traces) by Luca Valerio d’Amico with the actor Daniele Parisi and the extrovert creations by the artist and stylist Ilian Rachov.

A program packed with collateral initiatives will accompany the exhibition STARS, with space talks, space tours, space movies, performances, live painting and fashion shows.

Program: collateral initiatives for STARS

Friday 27/09

Live painting by Neve with touch up from Anna Perenna on the shutters at the entrance of the palace, between 3-8pm.

Saturday 28/09

Premiere exhibition by invite between 4-8pm.

Vernissage, free entry from 8pm.

Sunday 29/09

Space tour, guided tour of the exhibition with the curator at 11am.

Space movie, showing of a cult film on space followed by discussions with cinema experts and artist, at 7pm. Included with the exhibition entry tickets.

Monday 30/09

In a ribbon of moonlight, catwalk of the 2019/2020 Autumn/Winter collection by Domitilla Funghini for Sottrazioni, presented by the journalist Livia Azzariti and organized by Simona Tito. With hats and headwear artist Barbaraguidi, make-up artist Estend, jewellery by Mangano, hairstylist Manuela Rapaccioni, accessories and fabric paintings by Maria Grazia Moretti and shoes by Stelio Manori. By invitation only from 8pm.

Tuesday 01/10

Space talk with writers and artists presented by Fabrizio Falconi, journalist and author of various books depicting the mysteries of Rome and of Porpora e Nero, ed. Ponte Sisto 2019. Gabriele Ziantoni, radio speaker and author of the novel The astronaut, and with a drawing by Solo in his new book In spite of everything, ed. L’Erudita. Performance White lunar by Monica Pirone. All between 5 pm and 9 pm.

Wednesday 02/10

SpaziAmo, a fashion show between art and style with the artistic direction of Michele Spanò. Presented by the journalist Barbara Castellani. With the stylists Monica Bartolucci, Fabiana Gabellini, Giuliana Guidotti, Ilian Rachov, Fina Scigliano, Marta San Giovanni Gelmini Carla Campea Gioielli Arte in regola. Communications by IPMagazine and INBrand adv. By invitation only from 9 pm.

Thursday 03/10

An evening in Space, art and theatres show. By invitation only at 7 pm.

Friday 04/10

Space talk with scientists and artists. Discussions with Nicoletta Lanciano, professor in the fields of science and mathematics at the University La Sapienza in Rome and author of the books In luna, stellis et sole and Villa Adriana, between the sky and the earth. Tour accompanied by the text of Marguerite Yourcenar, ed. Apeiron 2018 and 2003, and Ettore Perozzi of the Italian Space Agency, author of the book New Moon, ed. Il Mulino 2019, and Piero Meogrossi, architect, inspector, technical director of MIBACT and studious of archeo-astronomy. Between 5pm and 7pm.

Tracce Lunari – Lunar Traces

Arts and theatre show with the artist Luca Valerio D’amico and the actor Daniele Parisi, at 9 pm. Entry with the exhibition ticket.

Satuarday 05/10

Urban talk: The rights of the street artists and private sponsorships in art with the lawyer Roberto Colantonio, author of the books Is street art illegal? and Art sponsor. Sponsorship in contemporary art, ed. Iemme 2016 and 2017. Between 4-6 pm at the end of the finissage of the exhibition.

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