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From the 1st to the 8th of July 2018

The Roskilde Festival, which derives its name from the city that hosts it, is the largest cultural and musical festival in Northern Europe since 1971. It offers a variety of attractions, including several exhibition spaces, restaurants, and an area entirely dedicated to visual arts. Every year Roskilde hosts a new and creative community for eight days – within it, you can find different ways of expression and new trends on a global scale.
This year, with more than 180 musical events spread over 8 stages, it offers a wide diversity of genres, inviting the audience to discover the musical and cultural trends of 2018. The musical menu focuses mostly on independent contemporary music but also extends to jazz, electronic, world-music and other genres.
Among the various collateral activities, the Arts & Activism section proposes a series of artistic initiatives, from performance art and environmental art, to graffiti art. This latter section features also Italian artist Alice Pasquini, whose works are now spread all over the world.

The imposing installation is a clear invitation to reflect and start a debate about contemporary society, leads the way to a series of artworks that freely draw their essence from the festival’s main theme, which is equality.
Among the various ideas for reflection/artworks were a 25-meter anti-capitalist snake by the Scottish artists Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich, Slumpies, the works of Jillian Mayer about the way we (ab)use smartphones nowadays, a highly improper soccer game hosted by DanChurchAid and limousine rides around the camping area by the German artists Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig. All of these have focused on offering, like every year for almost fifty years now, a high-quality program rich in diversity, activism, innovation and culture.


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