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Galo Art Gallery | Turin, Italy

From the 8th of September to the 27th of October 2018

Coming up on Saturday, September 8th Dimitris Taxis solo show Prologue. The greek, polish born, artist has a wide range of artistic talent. In 2008 he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens, since then he worked in the streets of Athens making great effects with his murals and painted walls for many festivals in the European urban art scene.

His linear and colourful style, most of the times, is expressed by acrylic on paper or handmade posters. Dimitris Taxis works most as street artist or illustrator but sometimes works on paper or canvas. One of his latest works is the illustration of a Greek version of the famous fairytale by L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz. For his first solo exhibition his work, as always, depicts scenes of everyday life that we tend to overlook, collecting countryside scenes as portraits, tracks and still lifes, on canvas, wood and paper.

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