The Creative Earthquake of Italian Street Art. Scala Mercalli is the essential anthology of this fascinating movement.

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Scala Mercalli || The Creative Earthquake

Scala Mercalli refers to the “The Creative Earthquake of Italian Street Art” and is the essential anthology of this fascinating movement. The exhibition that this book catalogues took place at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, one of the most important architectural landmarks in Rome, designed by Renzo Piano. It is fitting, therefore, that the venue played host to the most comprehensive exhibition of Italian street art ever held.

Includes soundtrack and digital catalogue

The book beautifully documents this exhibition with insightful biographies of the featured artists, contributions by the curator, Gianluca Marziani, and essays by Luca Borielle, Davide “Atomo” Tinelli and Jacopo Perfetti.  Also included is a CD containing its mesmerising soundtrack and a DVD that serves as visual record, both of which immortalise the vibrant energy that was felt in this electrifying exhibition.

The artists

The Scala Mercalli artists include: Airone, Aris, Atomo, Luca Barcellona, Thomas Bires, Bo 130, Bol, Pino Boresta, Bros, Paolo Buggiani, Cuoghi & Corsello, Cyop & Kaf, Dado & Stefy, Fausto delle Chiaie, Dem, Diamond, El Gato Chimney, Eno, Eron, Pierluigi Febbraio, Felipe Cardeña, Flycat, Fupete, Gatto Nero (The Bag), Iabo, Int55 (Kunos, ShineRoyal, Neve, Awer), Ivan, JB Rock, Joe (Why Style),  Joys, Kemh, Kiv, Lex, Lucamaleonte, Luze, Mambo, Microbo, Nais, Nico (Why Style), Ozmo, Pane(Why Style), Pao, Pax Paloscia, Mirai Pulvirenti, Pus, Rendo, Santy, Scarful (Why Style), Sea, Senso, Serpeinseno, Sonda, Stand (Why Style), Sten, Tawa, TVBoy, Twothings and ZenTwo.

Printed in Italy

Scala Mercalli Street Art Drago

Scala Mercalli Exhibition

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