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Bringing to life a fictitious society through writing and iconography, Sophie Toulouse transports Drago’s 36 Chambers series to the Nation of Angela.

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Nation of Angela: The New Style of Revolution

Sophie Toulouse transports Drago’s 36 Chambers series to the Nation of Angela, a fictitious society brought to life through the French artist’s fascinating writing and unique iconography.

Discover a seductive utopia

The Nation of Angela is a fantastic, seductive utopia where the values of beauty, purity and innocence prevail. But it is not as innocuous as it seems: its propaganda messages reveal a totalitarian ideology based on the promise of a better world, individual redemption and the denial of earthly happiness. The apologia of beauty and perfection retraces the advertising strategies of today’s consumer society.

Neo-baroque illustrations

The work of Sophie Toulouse can be interpreted as a critique of an increasingly global and totalitarian capitalist system. Inspired by postmodern literature and philosophy, Sophie Toulouse has created a voracious island of neo-baroque features, capable of reflecting anyone’s dreams with the aim of spreading its ideology.

Sophie Toulouse lives in Paris. Her stunning fusion of computer graphics with original drawings gives her art a mystical, encapsulating atmosphere.

Printed in Italy

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