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A series of portraits by fashion photographer Max Cardelli of actress Isabella Ferrari, as symbol of female beauty, framed by poems by Aldo Nove.

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Form - Light

Isabella Ferrari: Forma – Luce (Isabella Ferrari: Form – Light) contains a series of portraits of Italian actress Isabella Ferrari taken by renowned fashion photographer, Max Cardelli. Framed by Aldo Nove’s poetry, these stunning images exalt the charisma of Aung San Suu Kyi, Joan of Arc, Gaspara Stampa, Emily Dickinson, Sappho, Mata Hari, Beatrice Portinari, Rabi’a, Marylin Monroe, Joanna the Mad, Leni Riefenstahl, Ereshkigal, Antigone, Aphrodite and Gaia.

Fiction - Reality

The life of each of these women charges their memory with an immeasurable presence, and in the rut of this antithesis Isabella Ferrari attempts to cure “the dilemma of how to reconcile the so-called ‘fiction’ with the so-called ‘reality’” as Francesco Clemente states in the text accompanying the volume. The book is a tribute to women, highlighted by the intensity of the pictures by Max Cardelli who often photographs Isabella Ferrari on the beach of Sabaudia, a place dear to the most prominent of the Italian intelligentsia; Moravia, Pasolini, Bellocchio and Bertolucci. The images that show Isabella Ferrari among the waves are a symbol of life and a further exaltation of feminine beauty.


Forma – Luce is accompanied by introductions from Jasmine Whitbread, CEO of Save the Children International and Sabina Belli, Brand & Communications Managing Director at Bulgari.

“The horizon is the sea that grows by the light of your eyes, around and inside everything’s light.” – Aldo Nove

Printed in Italy

Isabella Ferrari Forma-Luce Max Cardelli Aldo Nove Drago cover

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