Five artists, five decades. Pop culture meets street art.

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September 2017


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Five artists

Five of the most talented Roman street artists (Solo, Diamond, Riccardo Beetroot, Luis Gomez and Lucamaleonte) reinterpret the second half of the twentieth century, according to their own styles and perspectives: each represents a decade, passing through costumes and socio-political events significant to that half-century. Cataloguing the exhibition, Decades presents graffiti-style images and graphics inspired by the popular culture of each period.

Five decades

The five decades are backed by Riccardo Beetroot’s bas-reliefs, representing the realities of the Roman townships in the 1950s, followed by the merging of Solo with the liberty of Diamond: the duet of their canvases reminiscent of iconic sociopolitical events of the ’60s and ’70s. The following decade, however, is stylised by Lucamaleonte’s strict incisor techniques, while Louis Gomez concludes the exposition with a chiaroscuro of the ’90s inspired by music that characterized his adolescence.

Printed in Italy

Five roman street artist reinterpret the second half of the twentieth century

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