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A metropolitan movement that shocked the world of art

The book documents the life and art of Massimo “Crash Kid” Colonna. Crash Kid still represents a pivotal figure in the development of Italy’s Hip-Hop movement. The artist made his debut in Rome in 1983 as a Break Dancer who laid the foundations for what is the Hip-Hop culture in Italy today. Through a collection of previously unpublished images from the artist’s archive and with contributions from other leading figures of the Italian and International street scene, ‘Crash Kid – A Hip-Hop Legacy’ documents the life and career of the Crash Kid. With dedication and flair the book shows the influence the artist had on the entire Hip-Hop scene and thoroughly confirms him as the Hip-Hop legend he is for all.

The birth of the street culture in Italy and his pioneers

The book collects photographs and texts that document the birth of the Street Culture in Italy, from the early Hip Hop concerts of the 80s to the birth of the “Zulu Party.” These were real meeting points for the pioneers of the nascent movement. A collection of more than 400 speeches document the art of Crash Kid and the development of this subculture. From its birth as one of the fringe underground movements to earning its place in the mainstream culture of Italy today, this is a story told exclusively by the main players and protagonists of the period.

“I remember when Afrika Bambaataa came to Rome for the first time. It was in 1985, a very special evening. Massimo and I  went to see him together, and after the concert we went to Galleria Colonna and we danced all night. Massimo would fuel everyone, he loved Hip Hop and was a real b-boy. And those catchphrases of his…He always joked, he was like a child.” – Jimmy Fernandez

International Contributors

We want to thank the kind collaboration and the written contibutions of Amir Issaa, Alessandra BSF, Alessandra Magno, Alessandra D’Ambra, Alessandro Gianvenuti, Baby 00199, Barbara Mooney, Breezy G 00199, Clown MT2, 2 Daze, Canz 52, Cristiano Davoli, Alexio Davoli, Cesare Cezar Vernarelli, Cool Art LTA-MT2, B Boy Crazy CFC, Danno, Masito, DJ Baro Colle der Fomento, Claudio Donato, Pietro D’Ottavio, Emiliano “Stand Cataldo”, DC Ace, Davide “Dext One” Corsi, Andrea Doppio, Zulu Eric Mandza, Mc Esa, EAD Crew, Fast Feet Natural Force, Flycat PWD, GrassHopper, Giorgio Cinini Grandi Numeri, Haero, Igor Castiglia, Jase One TDS, Kid Head PST, MC Jimmy Fernandez Pozze Latina, La Pina, Luca “Jesus” Faraone & Alessandra Fumarola grazie di cuore, Lillo Gullo, B Boy Led, Leo Damage, Lilfly, Maelo, Mak Zone, Marcoz, Master Freeze, Max “DJ Zac” Ravanelli, DJ Orazio Testa, Mauro Puccini, Max Durante, King MC Shark, Massimiliano Verni, Natasha Naty, Ozee Kid, Tommaso Zanello aka Piotta, Poppin Tony, Quick E, Riccardo Marconi Ragno, Scien & Klor 123Klan, Sharp, B-Boy Shea 99, Skah, B-Boy Skid, Spike, Seby “Ice One” Ruocco, Speaker, Simone “Serio” Festelli, Deemo, Dj Stile, Mr Wiggles, Alessandro Zaghetti, Giancarlo Ferraldeschi, Jorge Fabel Pabo, Mario Agamennone Dj Aga, Ivan “Spike The Pusha aka Ian Solo” Stortini, B-Boy Simone Stritti Micozzi, Luca “Sumo” Riccioli Kidz San Lorenzo, Tekne NSB, B-Boy Tim Urban Force, Ugo Spinati, Alessandro Trincia, Lorenzo Trincia, Noel Mangual, Nicola Bernardini, Igor Castiglia, Christian Omodeo, Cesare Galbianco, Massimo C-Rok, George – Mike Kaplan, Diamond, Solo, Leo Lucchese, Speaker Tex, Wany, Zart, Zebster and all the friends of Crash Kid, B-Boy, writers, Djs e MCs who helped us in this project.

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