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FUGAZ | Arte de Convivir, Mana Contemporary, Eugene Lemay and Yigal Ozeri present ONE VOICE, a social movement that promotes the creation of international outdoor art installations using public art as a means to inspire and unite communities globally. The movement was founded during the apex of the COVID-19 pandemic as an initiative to bring solidarity at a time of worldwide uncertainty. We have set forth a unified voice which offers a platform for social injustices to be heard on a multidisciplinary level.

Driven by the notion of creating an environment that doesn’t conform to societal stereotypes or divisiveness, the initiative aims to promote inclusion and unity through the arts. Our common denominator being human life. We will focus on topics such as racism, homophobia, oppression, sexism, social and environmental issues among others.

The first large scale international art event titled “Change is in Unity”—set to launch July–August, 2020— will honor the heroes of COVID-19 and address systemic oppression and racism. The international movement will support and promote all mediums of visual expression including photography, street art, performance, music and public sculpture. The outdoor and accessible nature of the event reinforces the value that art exists for everyone.

Uniting each of the participating cities, there will be a global work exchange. For example, a photograph taken in Cuba will be digitally projected in the United States; a photograph taken in Costa Rica could appear as a mural in Angola. Through dialogue and exchange we hope to convey the experiences and voices of those who have suffered from systemic oppression and racism, particularly exploring the Black Lives Matter movement and its vital message.

As part of the movement, Vox Populi will be held as an open call opportunity for people around the world to submit a photograph (taken during COVID-19) to be published on our website www.onevoiceinititive.com and then featured as part of an exhibition. Vox Populi broadens the dialogue by including both artists and the general public in our initiative. We ask anyone who wishes to participate to send images that reflect their experiences. You can apply on the Vox Populi section of our website (below).

Since its launch in May 2020, ONE VOICE has obtained global partners in more than four continents, ten countries, thirteen cities, and we will continue growing because change is in unity.


Peru (Monumental Callao, produced by Fugaz; Cusco, Haqepunku; and Loreto, Selva Invisible), USA (Mana Wynwood, Superchief Gallery, and Museum of Graffiti), Portugal (Lisbon, Selina) Angola (Luanda, Menomadin, Fundação Arte e Cultura), Israel (Or Movement), Cuba (Havana, FAC), Costa Rica (San José, Transformation in Violent Times Foundation), Ivory Coast (Abidjan, Mitrelli) and Italy (Rome by Drago Messina, Alex Caminiti and Massimo Scaringella), Panama (Casco Viejo, Dekel Holdings and Pedasí, Blue Venao), will also be participating in our movement, Richard Kongz, Vice President of the World Federation of Descendants of Confucius.




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