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Bringing existing and new collectors the latest trends, guidance, and early access to acclaimed urban and contemporary artists for many years, Moniker Art Fair has predicted the death of ‘traditional’ urban art. Marking a milestone in the rise of urban art’s popularity and long-term impact on modern culture, urban art is now being recognised as museum quality. This is reflected in the recent announcement of the Fair’s first official partnership with Urban Nation Museum and Director Yasha Young. This collaboration provides an even wider platform for the artists trying to bring about change with their exhibitions on the 2018 theme: ‘Uncensored’.

As the world’s largest urban art fair, Moniker Art Fair has long been at the vanguard of the latest developments in urban and contemporary art. This year’s line-up reflects the new developments in urban art which sees an increasing fusion with fine art. This movement follows last year’s success of fine artists Kevin Peterson and Audrey Kawasaki working with Thinkspace Projects, whose original works sold out by the end of the fair’s first day in record-breaking sales. Among the eclectic host of globally-acclaimed names this year are a notably high number of ‘traditional’ contemporary artists, who belong to this wave of ‘new fine art’ which has caught the attentions of art lovers and collectors alike.

Here some extracts from the panel with Faith XLVII:

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