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Contemporary Cluster | Rome, Italy

Vernissage: February the 1st, Vernissage 01.02.2020 +
As Brilliant As the Sun Publication launch of Camilla Boemio

Exhibition: from February the 1st to February the 29th, 2020

Electrovinyl – “Hallmark presents Krayon”

Exhibition curated by Dario Pellegrino and Giacomo Guidi

ElectroVinyl, artistic project of F.A. Arts & Entertainment, with the collaboration of the Contemporary Cluster, presents Krayon and PixelArt.

Inspired by patterns and textures, the artist enjoys creating contrasts and “digitizing” natural elements. Making use of his Pixel Art, he gives life to optical illusions in a unique style that only a few can manage to shape. In order to be understood by the viewer,, his canvases must be observed from a correct distance: seen up close they seem abstract, as you move away you perceive the subject in its entirety. The sensation that is shared and perceived throughout the artistic production is that often things are better understood when viewed from a distance. Taking distances, both in life and in his art, the artist highlights that LESS IS MORE. Hence the title of the solo exhibition that will propose a dialogue between the works and the precious design objects present in Palazzo Cavallerini.

The exhibition itinerary will involve the “cave”, the “hall” and the “mezzanine” in fusion with the vinyl corner “ELECTRO VINYL CORNER”. The Electro Vinyl Corner is a space dedicated to the exhibition of mixes of new and used records, electronic music, dance-pop, house music and techno, reflecting the musical culture of European artists of the 80s and 90s and of the related subcultures in the production of musical styles such as ChipTune and 8bit, which we will find hidden in the paintings of KRAYON, through the DJ set, entrusted to Lorenzo Pompa aka Somo and Patrizio Sciarra.





Contemporary Cluster
Palazzo Cavallerini Lazzaroni
Via dei Barbieri 7, 00186 Rome, Italy
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