JR, Alice Rohrwacher, Omelia Contadina, Venice 77
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A movie by JR and the Italian director Alice Rohrwacher presented in Venice 77

Let us pray. For the small peasants, who have kept us alive for thousands of years.
For all those who through the centuries have protected springs and forests to leave our children a planet as fertile as they found it.
Let us pray.
For all those peasants without a name who have preserved seeds and guarded their know-how and given it – not sold it – to the future generations. For all those peasants who have protected and delivered us the greatest wealth there is: biodiversity.
Let us pray.
For the unknown person who planted the hedges to live together with animals and insects, who planted trees to give shade and relief to flocks and shepherds.
For all those who didn’t poison what feeds us.
Let us pray.
For all those peasants who suffered misery and poverty but offered the world beauties and marvels and landscapes.
For this moving testimony whereby human beings can live in harmony with nature, not geared toward profit and without destroying all resources.
For all those peasants who have been exploited and humiliated by the landlords of all the times.
Let us pray.

With these words, with this agricultural prayer, JR communicates his new project which sees the collaboration with the Italian director Alice Rohrwacher. Both are strongly linked to the figure of the peasants and have behind them works that concern the land and the environment, told through reality and fiction between curiosity and bitter fairy tales.

Omelia COntadina, JR, Alice Rohrwacher, Venice 77, 2020

Shot from above, an exciting land art where among green fields a farmer lies in an immense space: “You buried us but you didn’t know we were seeds”. It is the “Homily Peasant” that Alice Rohrwacher and the French artist Jr presented in Venice 77, a nine-minute short, “not a film but a cinematic action, something that we have come to realize and that we want to be more than a mere artistic product. We want to prevent the disappearance of peasant civilization “.

JR, Alice Rohrwacher, Omelia Contadina, Venice 77

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