Drago Questionnaire


These Covidian Times



What is your present state of mind? Working hard to stay positive, productive and healthy.
Fight the Power or Power the fight? Public Enemy & Spike Lee
If not yourself, who would you be? Bill Murray
What is time? Reminds us death is on the way
Do you have faith? Yes, in myself
Where are you now? In my studio. A huge 100 year old bakery. Little Italy, North Beach, San Francisco. California
Your sliding doors? Not sure?
Your butterfly effect? No idea?
How is culture “infected”? By not wearing gloves and a mask
What art do you have in your living room? I don’t have a living room
Your favorite heroine? Addict. Miles Davis or Kurt Cobain
3 books that changed your life? One Fish, Two Fish by Dr Suess, Thrasher and The Season Of The Witch.
What would you like to toast to? More Drinks!
Your greatest accomplishment? The next one!
In which restaurant would you want to eat your last supper and what would you order? Wesburger, one cheesebuger please.
Looking at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? A pudgy middle aged divorced man, who lives alone with a cat, and draws pictures everyday for a living by himself in a giant 100 year old bakery
Your biggest regret? Losing the love of my life
Your ideal view? Inside looking out
Who is your favorite artist that nobody has heard of? Gary Misu aka “DJ Kunty G”
Which artist should everyone know before the age of 18? Do something else!

Empty Streets

You are organizing a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite (dead or alive)? Bill Murray, Mr. T, and Pee Wee Herman
Which books are on your nightstand? No nightstand
Yin or Yang? A healthy balance of both
Your favorite Exhibition? My next one
Your favorite Museum? The one they will open when I’m dead
Your favorite Curator? P.T. Barnum
Who is winning: the streets or the institutions? The winners are doing all the winning
Who do you dislike? Myself on bad days
Your myths? I believe in ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot
One film that changed your life? The Big Lebowski
Your idea of misery? More years like the last two
Your disguise? Naked rollerblading street artist
Your idea of mystery? Tequila or beer?
Your favorite hero? Bill Murray
The theme song to your life? “Tequila” by The Champs
Your enemy? Myself on bad days
Your favorite drink? Weed soda & tequila aka “The North Beach Surf Club”
If you could choose, how would you like to die? I spontaneously explode all over my worst enemies
Your motto? “I don’t care” (even though I care too much)

The Bird Is The Word

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