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Curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti

12 march – 3 July 2022


From 12 March, Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome hosts the first major exhibition of JAGO.
Jago sculpts like Michelangelo and is a rock star. Loved by the general public, a myth for young people and a social phenomenon, it is the emblem of the contemporary artist who combines talent with great communication skills. Arthemisia proposes its first anthological exhibition, exhibiting all the works created to date. And he also proposes the first artist studio experiment in a public exhibition: Jago will work on a new work inside Palazzo Bonaparte

Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome hosts the first major exhibition from 12 March to 3 July 2022
dedicated to JAGO. Pseudonym of Jacopo Cardillo, born in 1987, Jago is a powerful sculptor attentive to examples of our tradition and universally known as “The Social Artist” for his innate communication skills and the great success he has on social media. Sure talent in the use of the means of communication, Jago reaches directly to the hearts of the public who love him, indeed adore him. Comparable in this sense to a rock star, she transmits the love of art to young people: live streaming and photo and video documentation – through which she engages her audience on the web – tell the inventive process of each work and the shared path allows direct participation of its followers in the single executive step. In his works, he also uses tragic elements in a constant game of references, with a vision that is always aimed at the themes of the present, provokingly arousing in the spectators reflections on the status of our times. At Palazzo Bonaparte the genius of JAGO is documented for the first time in an exhibition that brings together a series of works created to date, from sculpted river stones (from Memoria di Sé to Excalibur), up to the most recent monumental sculptures ( as Veiled Son and Pietà), passing through less recent but more directly media creations such as the portrait of Pope Benedict XVI (Habemus Hominem). Curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti, the exhibition connotes the key elements of a work that is continuously in progress, capable of constant enrichment.

“… My sculpture is a living language. Using a language does not mean copying it. I recognize myself in a
language and I adopt it: I feel the need to make a connection with what I see,
without a spirit of emulation. I am myself. “

of the Pontiff emeritus, while the image of a Venus (2018), devoid of youthful venustà,
disconcerting and leads us to reflect on the symbolic value of beauty. On the other hand, there is a dramatic today with the presence of the Veiled Son (2019), a symbolic icon of tragedies without
time, to which the intense meditation on pain is connected, enclosed in the desolate monumentality of the Pietà (2021). Even earlier, the artist proposed a theme free from any relationship with history, in replicating the heartbeat sequence in the Circulatory System (2017). Palazzo Bonaparte will also be transformed into an artist’s studio: during the months of the exhibition, Jago will work on his next impressive sculpture inside the exhibition venue. Extraordinary visits to the exhibition will also be organized, led by Jago himself.

JAGO, Jacopo Cardillo

Palazzo Bonaparte

Palazzo Bonaparte
Piazza Venezia, 5 (angolo Via del Corso)
00186, Rome

A Exhibition
Exhibition curated by
Maria Teresa Benedetti

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