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Panorâmico de Monsanto | Lisbon, Portugal

19, 20, 21, and 22 September 2019

Colectivo Rua Festival Iminente Lisbon 2019
Colectivo Rua

Festival Iminente returns to the Panorâmico de Monsanto, on 19, 20, 21, and 22 September, that will be hosting, for the second year running, the quintessential urban festival of art and music, curated by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils and the Underdogs platform, and co-organised by the Lisbon City Council.

This is the fourth edition of the festival that once again gathers the multicultural creative talent that is flourishing in Lisbon and is spreading throughout the world. This year, reflecting on the concepts of Identity and Diversity .

During Festival Iminente’s four days, over 100 artists will be making their way through its five stages, including music acts and visual artists, b-boys, performers, contemporary dance and talks. Upcoming figures of urban culture will mix with established artists – this is what it’s been like in the course of three editions (without forgetting its passage through London, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro, in the last year). This is why Festival Iminente always sells out. Why would this year be any different?

Maria Imaginario
Maria Imaginario
Tamara Alves, Street Art
Tamara Alves

The festival’s entire curatorship is shared between Alexandre Farto and the Underdogs platform. The key concepts are Identity and Diversity.

“The idea is to bring together all these different forms of expression, promoting dialogue and the exchange of ideas – we gather all these manifestations of urban culture and create an experience of what is currently imminent in Lisbon. Many of these raise questions on identity or have their roots in the lusophone sphere, a key component in the festival’s consolidation from the very beginning,” explains Alexandre Farto.

Francisco Vidal Festival Iminente Lisbon 2019
Francisco Vidal

This diversity is patent in the music line-up for the four days of festival, which materialises this motto with an eclectic selection ranging from old-school rap to the popular and growing trap faction, world music, and the most recent innovations in fado and pop.

Regarding the visual arts, the curatorial line for this edition of Iminente takes on the subject of Identity – both in terms of the reflection on the self and its specificities as well as in terms of belonging to a community, giving thought to political, cultural and urban identity in a space that also has a very strong identity.

The performative arts – dance, performance, and breaking – as well as room for reflection – with talks on health, culture, colonialism, and housing – also have a stage in this year’s Iminente, being present in every afternoon and evening of the festival.

Vhils, Diminish Series, 2018


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