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From December 6th to December 29th, 2018

by Rory O'Keeffe

Internationally acclaimed artist Faith XLVII, who has just released Ex Animo with Drago, is poised to present a month-long exhibition in Miami. Fabien Castanier Gallery are presenting the exhibition, entitled Elixir, and it will run from December 6 – 29 at their Wynwood Gallery location.

The opening of the show will coincide with Miami’s Art Basel week, where the gallery will be participating at the Art Miami art fair, presenting work by six artists including Faith XLVII.

Elixir follows the success of Faith XLVII’s new book Ex Animo, published by Drago. Launched at Moniker book fair in London, it is available with a Limited Edition Print of Three Methods for Working with Chaos.

Continuing her interest in etymology, the exhibition is named after Arabic-Greek word ‘Elixir’ (from Arabic: ريسكإ†- Iksīr; from Greek xērion). Similarly, the title of ‘Ex Animo’ comes from the Latin for ‘on the heart’ or ‘sincerely’, an artistic choice Faith has discussed in interviews. ‘Elixir’ is defined as a sweetened, aromatic solution of alcohol and water used as a vehicle for medicinal substances. It’s an alchemic preparation formerly believed to be capable of prolonging life and turning base metals into gold.

Grand Master, Ex Animo by Faith XLVII, Miami

The project as a whole constructs a non-linear narrative, acting as a lens into an introspective view of the human condition. Conjuring archetypal spirits and deconstructing iconic imagery, a metaphorical alchemical preparation is formed, turning base metal into gold and increasing vigor and awareness. Amidst the chaos of today’s economic, social and ecological upheavals, Elixir aims to bring psychological questioning and healing to the viewer; a kind of elixir of life.

Elixir is a multi-disciplinary exhibition conceived by Faith XLVII that aims to incite exploration in the viewer, both internally and externally. The body of work consists of pieces made from a broad range of media such as large-scale paintings on wood, tapestries, mosaics, and silver print.

The multi-disciplinary nature of Elixir shows the eclectic talent of Faith XLVII, a range also seen in ‘Ex Animo’ which features her beautiful world-renowned murals as well as exciting mixed media work.

Royal Spirit, Ex Animo by Faith XLVII, Miami


Opening Reception with the Artist Thursday, December 6th @ 7:00pm

Fabien Castanier Gallery | WYNWOOD 45 NE 26th Street, Miami, FL 33137

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