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Dorothy Circus Gallery, Milk Group Exibition

27/29 January, London - 17/19 February, Rome

The 2022 exhibition program of Dorothy Circus Gallery entitled “The Angel Year” draws upon the meaning of the number 22. The Angel Year, considered the Messenger of Light, is a visual and artistic instrument inspiring strength and determination. It inaugurates with the exclusive presentation of Group Exhibition MILK, an extension of the past exhibition “Mother and Child” that took place in April of 2019 at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome and London.

The Reprise of Mother&Child, MILK, explores one of the most celebrated themes in the history of art and by artists of all times: Maternity. This event will be presented with the name of MILK, symbolising nourishment, unconditional love, and care for children in all their declinations.

Silvia Idilli, Visionaria 1, 2021
Silvia Idilli, Visionaria 2, 2021

MILK also encompasses paternity and adoption. Through curatorial research, the exhibition investigates both anthropological and artistic interpretations of the theme, which is inevitably inspired by the renowned iconography of the Madonna with Child. However, MILK aims to incite the spectator to embark on a journey through a deeper level of reflection on Maternity, to and beyond the spiritual image of the Woman.

The key point in the interpretation and reading of this exhibition production remains the primordial influence. Not only genetic, of the mother’s influence on her children, not just a matrix, but a real existential cornerstone.

Fatima Ronquillo, Mother and Child at Daybreak, 2021
Fatima Ronquillo, Psyche with Tulips and Butterflies, 2021

On the other hand, the role of the children in the mother’s life is also highlighted. Although they cannot fulfil her ambitions and dreams for her, they can preserve her legacy in the world after her death, ensuring its survival. Parenthood is therefore investigated on the one hand as an irresistible force that determines the individual originated from it, and on the other as an emotional and profound investment of subjectivity in one’s own creation. This projection here is further broken down into the never-exhausted question of how to be a parent.

Dorothy Circus Gallery

35 Connaught St.

W2 2AZ, London


Via dei Pettinari, 76

00186, Rome

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