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DIG IT...It's Not The End Yet... It Can Be A Great New Beginning...

Galo Art Gallery, Turin, Italy

From September the 22nd to October the 24th

Galo’s new body of work DIG IT… sums up these surreal times we are really living in. The 10th Anniversary of Galo Art Gallery passed by quietly and unceremoniously on the 29th April, but we are happy to announce the reopening of the gallery on Tuesday 22nd September 2020, in time with EXHIBI.TO, the gallery opening week in Turin that will run till the Monday 28th September. Although, we will not be able to have our usual, and much adored opening night inauguration, due to social distancing restrictions, but never the less we will look forward to welcoming you back into the groove of the gallery scene; the art is new and so is the experience!
Don’t forget your facemask!
Please feel free to request the online catalog of the show GALO Dig IT… here:


Galo has been seen painting nearly every surface imaginable: fat bellies and flat ones, old walls and young electricity boxes, toilets and fences, ceilings and floors, canvas, wood, bikes and cars…sometimes he gets carried away.
He graduated art school and worked as a graphic designer, before turning his back on just about everything except love and paint and layer after layer and went deeper into what can all be called the Galoverse. With Galo, life is art and he spends his life sharing his art, wherever, whenever and with whomever he can. His work has shown in three continents, in galleries and museum and cafes and nightclubs, but most of all on the wall and off it…art in action, Galo paints as if his life depended on it.

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