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Rosso20Sette Arte Contemporanea | Rome

From the 13th of Ocober to the 10th of November 2018

Rosso20sette Arte Contemporanea presents Deadline, from the duo Diamond & Solo. 14 works will be displayed for each artist, from the first sketches to the latest projects, tracing their entire artistic career. The artworks will be published in a catalog with critic texts from Giorgio de Finis Anya Baglioni.

“There are some clichés that seem unavoidable when it comes to Street Art. These are issues that for some people take on an identity value (for others, critics and curators, always looking for neat semiotic criteria, identification), defining a real checkpoint between the two nations (ideologies, religions, tribes), between “purists” and those who, instead, are escaping the cages of obedience without appeal to the dogmas of a) perishability (by its very nature the work must be ephemeral), b) illegality (which is also site-specific; it is the artist who chooses the wall, a piece of city that he wants to adopt or invade with his sign, not the client who offers an urban setting as a white sheet), and finally, c) the incongruity of Street Art to the places designated for art, museums, galleries, collections (and closed spaces in general).

Diamond and Solo tackles these issues head-on, but deliberately avoids the question of positioning, with the nonchalance of the confident, because this “choices” have already been pondered and forgotten. So, the theme of disappearance, of the “death” of a work of street art, is not celebrated or consecrated, but resisted, with the intention of highlighting both its birth (the sketch) and its eventual “rebirth”: the work sacrificed on the altar of the street can always be redone. It is interesting to note that, despite what is commonly thought, here the “passage through the gallery” does not work towards creating an aura, but reducing it. In a secular and prosaic way, Diamond and Solo claim the irreducible human dimension of art: a distinguishing feature of the DNA of Graffiti and Street Art, an artistic practice born to rediscover, outside churches and confinement, the original place of art, the one in touch with life, as it was from the beginning, when the Sapiens began to paint the caves that they lived in.” – Giorgio de Finis







Original price was: 200,00€.Current price is: 100,00€.


Original price was: 30,00€.Current price is: 25,00€.

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