Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition
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Greg Jager exhibition in the context of "The Architectura Eloquentia"

Contemporary Cluster - Palazzo Cavallerini Lazzaroni | Rome, Italy

As part of the exhibition “The Architectura Eloquentia”, a project involving several artists and designers, Greg Jager (Roman visual artist) presents Crossing: a cycle of wall paintings in which the artist, carrier of a rationalist aesthetic is compared with the baroque frescoes (1676) of Giacinto and Ludovico Gimignani, investigating the subject of sedimentation and stratification, a topic that strongly influences and characterizes the city of Rome.

Palazzo Cavallerini Lazzaroni, built by the architect Giovanni Antonio De Rossi on 1676 and an example of Roman Baroque and has a stratified history that goes as far as the twentieth century, with an architectural intervention by Mario Fiorentino dating back to the 1950s. It is this evident layering of different stories, people and aesthetics that inspired Greg Jager to work on the concept of “crossing” (in graffiti slang: cover a painting with another painting). Specifically, the white walls host “intermural” interventions, which reveal the frescoes of Gimignani still visible under the layer of white paint, but in other cases they are heavier and more dramatic, as if they wanted to hide rather than reveal.

Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition
Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition

The artist says: “I felt that this space really had so much to say, I could not limit myself to working in an ordinary way. I felt the need to bring out the history of the place, to interact with the frescoes now covered by white painting, working “through” architecture, not “on” it, going beyond the formal muralism”. The exhibition was set up during 2 days of workshops together with the Rufa (Rome University of fine arts) Multimedia Arts & Design students – Rome University of Fine Arts, supervised by Caterina Tomeo, curator of digital arts.

Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition

Greg Jager

Roman visual artist, he took his first steps in the graffiti writing world in ’97. His work evolves in the street and constantly investigates the relationship between graphic sign and architectural contexts. In fact, the graphic / architecture binomial is a constant focus of its research and experimentation. His work mentions the Bauhaus and early 20th century avant-garde, revisiting aesthetics in a contemporary key.


Contemporary Cluster

Contemporary Cluster is a place dedicated to experimentation on contemporary arts. Its cultural offer focuses on interdisciplinary interest, exchange and research. The Contemporary Cluster exhibitions recreate a Gesamtkunstwerk, a dialogic space, formally created by the interrelationships between artists, spaces and different sectors, in which the project and its realization are predominant.


RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts

RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, is a multidisciplinary and international educational center – officially recognized by the Education, University and Research Ministry (MIUR) – which offers valid and innovative training courses in the field of Art, Design, of Communication and Media Art.


Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition
Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition
Crossing Greg Jager street art exhibition


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