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Contemporary Cluster #07

third cycle of exhibitions

Erica Curci, ECDISI | Francesco Malcom, Malcøm X | J. Demsky, VCTRX

Opening March 3rd 2018, 6.30pm
Via dei Barbieri 7, Rome


Contemporary Cluster is glad to present Contemporary Cluster #07, third cycle of exhibitions inaugurated in the new space of Palazzo Cavallerini Lazzaroni in Via dei Barbieri, Rome. Contemporary Cluster #07 proposes three shows to the public: Erica Curci. Ecdisi inside The Cave, the project space dedicated to emerging trends of contemporaneity; on the first floor, Francesco Malcom. Malcøm X, a selection of photographs from the archive of Francesco Malcom, known pornstar of the 90s, curated by Giacomo Guidi and Paulo von Vacano; J. Demsky. VCTRX, the first Italian solo show of the street artist J. Demsky, curated by Dylan Thomas a.k.a. Dark Pyrex and realized in collaboration with DRAGO Publisher, proposing a wide selection of works to the public realized exclusively for Contemporary Cluster and installed on the Piano Nobile of the Palazzo.

Contemporary Cluster Demsky J Francesco Malcom Erica Curci Drago Publisher
The flyer of the event

In occasion of the opening, a masterclass of the IED in Rome, inspiring to the artworks of J. Demsky, will realize an audiovisual installation and a mapping of the space, generating an immersive atmosphere that will amplify the experience of the public. The cycle of the proposed shows wishes to delve into themes such as change, transformation, mutation as phenomenology of contemporaneity that relates time after time to different aspects. Erica Curci proposes a process of growth and slow transformation, starting from bacterial cultivations and bio-experimentation: the fabric is presented as a second skin, a sensitive layer that impresses itself and mutates constantly. On the first floor, the proposed selection of photographs of the show Malcøm X aims at restoring the atmospheres linked to the sets and the backstage of porn films, between the end of 1980 and the beginning of 2000, retracing more than twenty years of the career and the chance encounters of the known pornstar Francesco Malcom. Malcøm X investigates on the culture of the “self-made man”, connected to the obsession for money, sex, and women.

Malcom X Contemporary Cluster Drago
Malcøm X, a selection of photographs from the archive of Francesco Malcom

The Piano Nobile is entirely dedicated to the first Italian solo show of J. Demsky, internationally renowned young street artist and founder of the Neofuturism. The exhibition, curated by Dylan Thomas a.k.a. Dark Pyrex (Dark Polo Gang), examines the symbolisms of contemporaneity linked to the collapse of any certainty in an idiosyncratic manner.

Artworks of J. Demsky

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