Drago Questionnaire


Pigeons on Delancey, NYC, 2011



What is your present state of mind? Meditative, excited about the creative future.
Fight the Power or Power the fight? Power the fight.
If not yourself, who would you be? An artist that only needs their physical self without tools, like a modern dancer.
What is time? Less definable now. No need for a watch. Just be.
Do you have faith? Yes.
Where are you now? NYC.
Your sliding doors? To my garden.
Your butterfly effect? Riding my bike 15 miles a day to Lower Manhattan.
How is culture “infected”? A culture that exalts celebrity instead of real heroes like scientist, teachers etc.
What art do you have in your living room? Lots, a Margaret Kilgallen 4 part metal painting, two Cleon Peterson paintings, Malick Sidibé, Dash Snow, Barry McGee, Jose Parla, Kaws.
Your favorite heroine? Harriet Tubman.
3 books that changed your life? Subway by Bruce Davidson, Street Cops by Jill Freedman and Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller.
What would you like to toast to? Health of my family and friends.
Your greatest accomplishment? So far. My feature film Everybody street.
In which restaurant would you want to eat your last supper and what would you order? Prune…  But it just went out of biz because of the virus.
Looking at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Hopefully someone smarter than the day before.
Your biggest regret? Spending more time with my father, my kids, my friends.
Your ideal view? My garden.
Who is your favorite artist that nobody has heard of? I usually tell people about my favorite artist. So then people hear about them… Generally artists from creative growth art center.
Which artist should everyone know before the age of 18? The writer Jim Carroll, Patti Smith.

Rape Country
Soul in your Suit, NYC, 2011
Soul in your Suit, NYC, 2011

You are organizing a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite (dead or alive)? Pina Bausch, Victoria Woodhull, Michelle Obama.
Which books are on your nightstand? Year of the monkey by Patti Smith and The Girl With the Leica by Helena Janeczek.
Yin or Yang? Yang.
Your favorite Exhibition? Margaret Kilgallen, ‘To Friend and Foe’.
Your favorite Museum? Fundaciò Joan Mirò in Barcelona.
Your favorite Curator?
Who is winning: the streets or the institutions? Streets now more than ever.
Who do you dislike? Trump.
Your myths?
One film that changed your life? Days of Heaven by Terrence Malick.
Your idea of misery? Not being able to shoot pictures.
Your disguise?  My new mask.
Your idea of mystery? Street photography.
Your favorite hero? All the selfless essential workers…
The theme song to your life? “Cortez the Killer” by Neil Young.
Your enemy? Donald Trump.
Your favorite drink? Orange wine.
If you could choose, how would you like to die? In my sleep.
Your motto? Never be lazy.  

Cupcake on the bridge, NYC, 2011

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