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Introduction by Luché, rapper and music producer


Neapolis is a photographic book about a city that has never been seen, unexpected and unknown. “I always get lost because I don’t have a good sense of orientation. So I let myself go and start shooting. This is how my best photos come to life.” This was the approach of Boogie, a photographer born in Belgrade in 1969 and soon moved to New York, who reserved for his trip to Naples in the company of his camera. Boogie is a photographer capable of capturing the hardest side of reality: from the suburbs of New York to the suburbs of Kingston. Boogie has always portrayed the criminal and violent face of the street, whose reasons lie among the folds of poverty and social distress. His latest work, Neapolis, follows in the wake of his previous great successes: entering the beating heart of a dark reality and immortalizing world through his lens. Naples welcomed Boogie and that’s the result. In more than 80 black and white images and with the introduction of rapper Luchè Neapolis it is a collectible book that cannot be missing in the bookstores of lovers of the genre.

Luché in the introduction of the book NEAPOLIS tells of how Naples made him a man in a few years, of how his smile hides so much pain but which, out of pride or dignity, almost never reveals. Naples has put in front of its heart the challenges that few people can tell and that few eyes are able to remain lucid. If you could shoot a scene that tells Naples in a few moments, it would be a race among children in the streets of the center, the alleys, all filmed in slow motion so as to be able to dwell on the expressions, determined, hopeful and unaware. But at the same time for him Naples is also the representation of the simplicity of life, strengthening the love that is inside and with its roots with sea water allows you to look beyond, to travel, while maintaining the desire to be reborn there.

Luché – Based on the book

“I always miss Naples even when i’m here. I miss being able to live it like everyone else does, i miss the wonder i feel every time i walk through its streets. I never get used to it. There are moments when its greatness is so blinding thath can’t find the right words to describe it.”

Boogie, Neapolis




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