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Wunderkammern Gallery | Milan, Italy

27th November - 21st December, 2019

Biancoshock (Milan, 1982) is internationally known for his public art interventions: immediate, with a strong visual impact and great media coverage. The city is the field of action for the artist, his works have the purpose of shaking up the routine, of surprising viewers by offering a new starting point for reflection over the reality that surrounds them.

Biancoshock approached Urban Art for the first time in 1995 exploring the world of Writing and Graffiti Art. It is thanks to this experience that the artist learned to read the visual and underground codes of the city space, reinterpreting them in an ironic and provocative way. Since 2004 he began his Urban Hacking project, his interventions focus on everyday objects that would normally remain unnoticed, to which the artist gives a new meaning: “attributing a message to something indifferent is the best way to convey it” (Biancoshock , Dipolo, Milan, 2019).  In the following years he exhibited in important museums and institutions including the MACRO in Rome, the Saatchi Gallery in London and the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery in Haverford (USA) and took part in several of the main Urban Art festivals, such as the Cityleaks Bienal Urban Art Cologne Festival, Germany (2015), the Palma Festival of Caen, France (2017) and the Nuart Festival of Stavanger, Norway (2014), for which he produced the site-specific installation “Social Reich”. In the same year he was invited as a speaker at the TedX of Oporto in Portugal.

Social reich, biancoshock, nuart festival, stavanger, norway, 2014, street art, urban art
Social Reich by Biancoshock | NUART Festival, Stavanger, Norway (2014)

The year 2014 represents a turning point in the artist’s career: after ten years of independent activity, Biancoshock felt the need to give his art a new name, which includes both the Urban element and the performative attitude of his works. He thus founded Ephemeralism, a “non-movement” which indicates all those works of Public Art that exist in space for a very limited period, but last over time thanks to photographic and video documentation. To date, the artist has produced more than a thousand documented works in 27 countries around the world.  In addition to the ironic and disengaged reinterpretation of urban space and to the narration of the world of Writing and of Urban Art in general, Biancoshock‘s works deal with more complex issues of current social and political affairs, which highlight the great contradictions of our century, the implications of new technologies and consumer economics on today’s society and the condition of migrants and the homeless.

in globalized, biancoshock, street art, urban art, prague, czech republic, 2013
In Globalized by Biancoshock | Prague, Czech Republic (2013)

Biancoshock carries out these themes in an artistic journey characterized by a double vision, which is reflected in his personality and in his name, composed of the words “White” and “Shock”. These two different but complementary realities define the artist’s work: on the one hand “Shock”, the street-based public interventions that made him famous to the general public, immediately recognizable and understandable in their message. On the other hand the conceptual works, more suitable for being exhibited in museums and galleries, which require interpretation and consideration on multiple layers of meaning and which deal with more complex themes, referable to the “White” category, a non-color, a material to be shaped that stimulates in-depth study and experimentation.

Bank of dreams, Biancoshock, street art, urban art, milan, italy, 2012
Bank Of Dreams by Biancoshock | Milan, Italy (2017)

To celebrate the fifteenth year of activity of the artist, Wunderkammern presents, in the Milan gallery, Biancoshock’s new solo show: Disturbe. The exhibition retraces all the phases, disciplines and techniques that have characterized the artist’s production to date: installations, documentations of site-specific works created on the street, sculptures, video-performance, props made by the artist, limited edition prints and unique works. The exhibition is aimed at highlighting the multiplicity of techniques, messages and media that characterize Biancoshock’s artistic approach and to highlight the ambivalence of his production in its different levels of interpretation; both the more intimate, conceptual and research dimension as well as the disruptive and universal power of his public interventions born and developed on the street.

Frutti della crisi, biancoshock, urban art, street art, milan, italy, 2019
Frutti Della Crisi (Fruits Of The Crisis) by Biancoshock | Milan, Italy (2019)

During the exhibition Disturbe, Biancoshock will also present his first monograph: Dipolo. The book, published by Wunderkammern and written by the author Pietro Rivasi, presents a selection of works created by the artist between 2004 and 2019, summarizing more than 15 years of research and over a thousand urban installations.

Ego Washer, biancoshock, street art, urban art, oostende, belgium, 2016
Ego Washer by Biancoshock | Oostende, Belgium (2016) © Mark Rigney


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