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This hot exhibit in LA puts the top street artists in the globe together in one awesome show – May 6 - July 6. The man best known for connecting street art with the art world, Roger Gastman, is behind the thing. Drago is there.

“I’ve been taking fotos since the mid nineties, my dad and step mom gave an extra camera that they had laying around. When they first gave me the camera I wasn’t really into taking fotos. I was more into working for house of pain and lowriding. This collection of pictures were taken throughout the past 20 years. It started out with taking photos of my friends and people I was meeting in the lowriding scene. Once some magazines saw some of them, they would have me do special assignment on some of the gang culture here in Los Angeles. Some of the photos are documenting them hanging out in the hood and the rest are portraits. I have shot so much of this type of work that’s why I chose to include all of the different ethnicities, as you can imagine some of these shots weren’t always taken at the safest moment, but if you don’t take some risks, you don’t get the photos. It was a big challenge choosing the photos for this book, there was too many. The good thing is I can always do another one. All these photos were shot on film!!! Old school baby” – Estevan Oriol, LA Portraits

“It’s time to stand for what is true, or maybe it’s just time for me to speak up for the truth. A truth that struck the teenager I was in the 80s in such a massive way, I have made my whole life revolve around it. The book you’re holding, since truth must be told, is about how I consider everything around Style Writing, Graffiti and Street Art, to be the most interesting artistic movement at the turn of this century. Let me repeat myself, if only for the skeptic eye, for the blind and lost, or for the latecomers who just missed the boat: I believe this type of urban art to be the most important artistic movement at the turn of our century.” – Magda Danysz, From Style Writing To Art

“Cross The Streets is a multimedia exhibition, a project that brings a small share of dreamers, warriors and ‘offbeat’ people, that have chosen to use the roads as art galleries and the walls as canvases, to the Museum. Giving shape and colour to their dreams – or their nightmares – in front of everyone. Their art is right there, and you are never sure if art is the one looking at you or viceversa, while sitting at the bus stop or walking to work. Their art is familiar and recognisable, but unusual and unexpected, all in one moment. It is perfectly integrated in its surrounding although you never really understand why it’s there and whether it has the right to be there.” – Paulo Lucas von Vacano, Cross The Streets


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