Drago Questionnaire


Infectious Pneumonia (The Morgue), 1995



What is your present state of mind? Anti-social.
Fight the Power or Power the fight? Fight the Power.
If not yourself, who would you be? Still me.
What is time? The thing that fools us.
Do you have faith? I’m a Christian.
Where are you now? At home in New York City.
Your sliding doors? They go into the garden.
Your butterfly effect? Becoming an artist.
How is culture “infected”? By Fake News.
What art do you have in your living room? “The Other Christ” by Andres Serrano.
Your favorite heroine? My wife, Irina Movmyga Serrano.
3 books that changed your life? “Catcher in The Rye by J.D Salinger, “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain and “Burr” by Gore Vidal.
What would you like to toast to? To my family and friends.
Your greatest accomplishment? My work.
In which restaurant would you want to eat your last supper and what would you order? At home. It’s better than any restaurant. My wife can surprise me.

The Other Christ, Andres Serrano, Photography
The Other Christ (The Interpretation of Dreams), 2001

Looking at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?  Someone who looks familiar.
Your biggest regret? Not being born rich.
Your ideal view? The view of my garden from the bedroom.
Who is your favorite artist that nobody has heard of? Cleophus Cotton.
Which artist should everyone know before the age of 18? Marcel Duchamp.
You are organizing a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite (dead or alive)? Bob Dylan, Hitler and Trump.
Which books are on your nightstand? A large German Bible dated 1699.
Yin or Yang? Yang.
Your favorite Exhibition? Alexander McQueen at the Met.
Your favorite Museum? Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Your favorite Curator? Germano Celant.
Who is winning: the streets or the institutions? Neither or both.
Who do you dislike? A lot of people, mostly politicians.

Flag Face, Andres Serrano, Photography
Flag Face (Infamous), 2019

Your myths? That I’m a photographer. I take pictures but I’m not a photographer.
One film that changed your life? 8½ by Federico Fellini.
Your idea of mysery? Jail.
Your disguise? Being an artist.
Your idea of mystery? America.
Your favorite hero? The Lone Ranger.
The theme song to your life? “Idiot Wind” by Bob Dylan..
Your enemy? Anyone who stands in my way.
Your favorite drink? Water.
If you could choose, how would you like to die? Old age.
Your motto? Trust no one.

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