Publishing house of contemporary art and popular culture,
trend bureau and communications agency,
DRAGO is an organisation for the diffusion of art and culture.


Drago transforms ideas, trends, events and phenomena, into usable products,
services payable, and investment tools for the future.

Voice of the international mind-set, drago is the doorman
of a global new movement, which is avant-garde thinking.
The movement has been labeled by drago “S.I.C.” or “Systema of Independent Culture”.

The systema represents the remix of pop culture and the combined essence
of the two revolutions in today’s world: the internet and street art.

Drago’s focus is on the client-partner relationship, providing strategic branding for communication, positioning, and development. Our strength is our in-depth and unmatched knowledge of art, fashion and trends.

Tailored to meet the client’s objectives, each project is part of a strategic vision
that identifies  quality and comprehends the importance of being
unique to the market.

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Drago Publications. Street Art, Street Photography


Drago is the voice of the hardcore overground, the doorman of a new global movement which is avant garde thinking. Drago promotes the Systema of Independent Culture.


For more than a decade, DRAGO has shadowed the urban mindset. As a publishing house of contemporary art and culture, we have brought forward an array of underground artists from the bleeding edge to the “hardcore overground” of the public eye. Works include titles by internationally celebrated gallerists, artists and photographers such as Magda Danysz’s From Style Writing to Art, JR’s The Wrinkles of the City, Estevan Oriol’s LA Woman, Mirko Reissers’s collected works (DAIM: 1989-2014), Shephard Fairey’s #OBEY, Ed Templeton’s The Golden Age of Neglect and Letizia Battaglia’s critically acclaimed collections Anthology and Just For Passion. Previously the official publisher of The French Academy, Villa Medici in Rome, DRAGO handled all publications regarding the academy’s exhibitions and their artists-in-residence.


As a curator and producer of exhibitions, DRAGO conceives all of its events as cultural, economic and political platforms. Such projects have included Andrès Serrano’s “Via Crucis” exhibition, featured at the deconsecrated church of S. Marta in Rome, and Ed Templeton’s “Angel of Decay” exhibition, curated by DRAGO, at the Acquario Romano / Palazzo delle Esposizioni. In addition, DRAGO’s “Kennedy. La famiglia, i valori, la storia” at the Roman monument Tempio di Adriano became the largest exhibition on the Kennedy family in Europe. Later, in 2017, DRAGO produced and curated the largest Street Art exhibition ever to be held in an Italian museum: “Cross The Streets” at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.


From contemporary art to contemporary culture, DRAGO occupies the cultural vanguard. Comprised of ideas dealers, traffickers of information, style pushers, and chameleons from different worlds, all working together, we form the amniotic sack of globalisation. DRAGO creates bespoke, strategic cultural platforms for individuals and communities alike. Clients include Nike, The L’Orèal Group, Danesi, The City of Rome, 55DSL, Alcatel and Bulgari.



Paulo Lucas von Vacano: Cultural Pusher, Global Nomad, Dragonchild. German by blood and spiritually adopted by Rome, Paulo has lived his life between worlds and the different cultures that divide them. His love for the eternal city allows him to see in Rome one of the world’s most important beacons and brands. Paulo has followed the urban and contemporary art scenes for decades, first as a journalist for international magazines and newspapers, and later as the president and shareholder of the Castelvecchi Publishing Company, where he produced more than 500 books and several magazines (among which  include “Aspenia” of The Aspen Institute and Toni Negri’s “Posse”). Now he leads DRAGO, bringing the kick-and-lick of a new generation of artists to foreground of the collective consciousness.


Domitilla Sartogo has been the executive director of Drago since 2004. She has previously worked as a graphic designer for the Richard Avedon Studio, a talent scout and director of photography for Fabrica, the Benetton Group Center on Communications, a professor at the Parson School of Design in New York and the director of communications for Borbonese, an iconic Italian fashion brand. She has also acted as the executive director of the Florence Biennale of Fashion & Cinema, a series of seven exhibitions focusing on the relationship between film and fashion that brought together award-winning set and costume designers with renowned fashion designers from around the world.


Nicola Veccia Scavalli was born in Paris in 1976. As an art director, for roughly twenty years in the field of Contemporary Art and Photography publications, he has curated the graphic designs for more than 250 volumes including monographs and art books for various Italian, French, German and American publishers. Nicola now lives between London and Rome, working in graphics and pre-press for the company Kittesencula Ltd (an imprint inseparably linked to DRAGO).

The Team of Drago Publisher. Vacano, Sartogo, Veccia Scavalli





Kennedy. La famiglia, i valori, la storia.

DRAGO produces the exhibition “Kennedy. La famiglia, i valori, la storia” at the Tempio di Adriano.
The exhibition includes 700 photographs of the family as well as private possessions such as JFK’s black Hermès suitcase.


Muerte by Mike Giant

DRAGO publishes Muerte by Mike Giant. The book sells out in a couple of months.
DRAGO releases a second edition to meet demand.


Estevan Oriol’s LA Woman

DRAGO begins Tour De Fuerza to launch Estevan Oriol’s book LA Woman across all of Europe.

Few copies of the book are still available following the success of the tour.


Letizia Battaglia

DRAGO publishes Letizia Battaglia’s Just For Passion, the catalogue to the exhibition at the MAXXI Museum of Twentieth Century Art in Rome.

The New York Times will later feature Battaglia as one of their “11 Powerful Women” in 2017.


Cross The Streets

DRAGO produces the exhibition “Cross The Streets” at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary in Rome, one of the largest street art exhibitions ever curated for a public museum.