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with Photographic Variations of the Theme

Public Opening: February 11th, 2022 until April 16th, 2022

From Thursday, February 10th, 2022 until Saturday, April 16th, 2022, EDDart presents “A Landscape of Mine” (“Un mio Paesaggio”), with Photographic Variations of the Theme in the exhibition space of Palazzo Taverna in Rome. An artistic progression that originates from the landscape, articulated through some of the most innovative visions in the history of Italian photography from the Fifties onward, has helped change the iconographic setting historically linked to our country.

The exhibition opens with four photographs by Mario Giacomelli, who was the first to overturn the pre-existing idea of the landscape, distancing it from reality and from the “certain” towards an abstract composition, a mirror of humanity and our deepest nature

It then continues with five works by Luigi Ghirri and two by Olivo Barbieri, both protagonists of fundamental moments in the history of photography in Italy such as Viaggio in Italia, which showed for the first time in 1984 a new concept of the landscape: marginal elements such as asphalt roads, street lamps and isolated houses acquire value and become part of the Italian imagination. The photographs on display belong to different moments in time and allow us to appreciate the salient features of the two masters of photography, such as, in the case of Barbieri, the attention to artificial lighting that characterizes “Tokyo 1992.”

Luigi Ghirri, Versailles, 1985
Olivio Barbieri, Tokyo, 1992

The works are followed by those of Mario Schifano and Paolo Ventura, which are different yet dictated by a research that is both formal and linked to the history of painting: On the one hand, the polaroids are created with either tempera or collage, but on the other hand Ventura’s dreamlike compositions arise from a desire to reinvent the photographic language by experimenting with mixed media.

Finally, Giuseppe Loy’s photographic vision is particularly interesting: He is the protagonist of a current and important retrospective exhibition at Palazzo Barberini, open until February 27th, 2022. On display at EDDart are five of Loy’s works that allude to his vision, in which the “human” component and the attention to the other merge, creating an empathetic landscape primarily made up of people, workers and stories.

Giuseppe Loy, 1980
Giuseppe Loy, Porta Portese, 1995


Exhibition: “A Landscape of Mine,” with Photographic Variations of the Theme (“Un mio paesaggio” variazioni fotografiche sul tema)

Curated by: Costanza Pinci

Opening: Thursday, February 10th, from 6pm to 9pm

Public Opening: February 11th 2022 until April 16th 2022

Hours: Thursday – Saturday, from 3pm – 6.30pm or by appointment

Info and Reservations: info@eddart.net | +39 0648903612


Palazzo Taverna

Via di Monte Giordano 36,

00186 | Rome

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